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Windy Foot's Rose 1974 - 1993

My name is Lorrie Franz and I reside in western PA. I have held the Keystone State Model Horse show for the past 4 years. I have been involved in model horses for about 18 years. Like many other people I got into models as a teenager and then it just kind of stuck with me into adulthood. I enjoy almost every aspect of model horses, almost because I'm not crazy about DUSTING them. I paint and customize my own models, make tack for sale and for my own use and since my chosen career is photography I also photo show. Since 1995 though, when I really got into live showing, I haven't photo shown very much. So like the plumber whose pipes leak I'm the
photographer with no pictures!

I have owned and shown horses for about 20 years, although I currently don't own a horse <!!!> I have trained many different breeds in various disciplines. I was privileged to work with Joan Harris BHSI and learned loads from her tremendous teaching ability. I trained my own horse to ride and drive, she was one of the BLM mustangs and her picture is shown here. I have also taken ex-harness race horses and taught them to ride as well as training pleasure horses to drive. My own horse went onto become the regional reserve champion pleasure driving horse as well as several regional high point driving awards. Rosy and I also competed at the training and preliminary level CDEs (Combined Driving Events) earning a red and blue ribbon.

On the other animal front I am also the owner of two cats, a Manx (Spikette) and a calico (O.C.) along with two dogs, a Siberian husky and a part Labrador mix. Our Husky's name is Nikki and our part Lab is Buffy. We all live on a 35 acre farm in western PA.  Well if you're still reading you've made it through the scariest page on the internet! And possibly learned more about me than you wanted to know.  I'll try to get some better pictures of my critters in the near future.

Rosey at CDE

My dog Buffy

Nikki, my Siberian Husky

Spikette, our Manx Cat