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This is the eye catching resin ASB by Jenn Reid "Anna B Good" painted a knockout dapple grey by Lorrie Franz. She has a current NAN halter card and 3 other expired cards and is well on her way to a merit award. Model is in excellent condition 

$350.00 plus postage

Deb Buckler OF Look-alike Repaint

$25 plus postage


This is the Cadillac Jack resin  by Jenn Reid
and repainted a dark chestnut by Lorrie Franz.  This model was painted to the likeness of a real horse. It has a neat golden sheen and a shimmering flaxen mane and tail
- lovely model! Unshown.



Sommer Prosser's Timothy resin  painted dapple grey by Lorrie Franz. Excellent condition LSQ. Slightly remade to a show shetand stallion.