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OF Rimrock

$20 Plus $5 Postage


This is a very special collector's piece! This foal is a Breyer escapee and the exact number is not known, rumored to  have been less than 200. He is unpainted and unfinished in pink plastic and was created by purging one of Breyer's machines. The pinkness of this model is slightly darker than the picture shows and is uniform throughout the model. These models were featured in an old JAH issue.

$300.00 plus postage

This is the 2001 BF SR bull "Mesquite",
 of which 750 were made.
He is in excellent condition.

$90 Plus  Postage


This is the BF SR horse mego.
He is in excellent condition

$65.00 plus postage

This is the long discontinued Breyer Brahma Bull. He is in excellent condition except for a factory flaw on one hand leg. The paint is slightly smeared under the gloss.

$50 Plus  Postage


This is a Breyer tour model in the glossy charcoal. A beautiful model who needs a new home and not stuck away in a box. Excellent condition.

$45.00 plus postage

This is the Breyer Proud Arab mare in rose grey, I believe it was only produced for a couple of years. Really neat color on this one and you don't see it often.

$40 Plus  $5 Postage